Spring 2023

Letter from the Editor

It feels appropriate that this edition is launching in the spring—the season of rebirth and new beginnings. After a multi-year hiatus, Defiant Scribe has returned with an all-new edition (and many more to come). We’re excited to be bringing you flash fiction, short stories, and creative nonfiction four times a year, with each edition released on a seasonal basis. As always, Defiant Scribe is committed to publishing a wide range of literature, written by an assortment of unique, talented writers from all different backgrounds and walks of life. In this new era of Defiant Scribe, we hope to showcase writing that is even more original, daring, experimental, envelope-pushing, and sumptuous than before.

Last you heard from us was in August of 2019. While the world has changed dramatically in these past few years, one thing that has stayed the same is the importance of storytelling: of writing, of art, of expression, of creation. That will never go out of style, no matter what happens. In fact, during difficult times—the worst of times, even, like in the midst of a global pandemic—art and writing and storytelling are made all the more vital, because of the catharsis and escapism they offer both the creator and the consumer. Stories can make the darkest days seem brighter. They can make you feel less alone at your most isolated. Stories connect us to each other even when we’re forced apart; stories help us process our emotions, make sense of the senseless, give voice to the voiceless, and heal some of what hurts us. Stories have the power to change lives and save lives, for the writer and the audience, and for that reason alone, we’re proud to announce our return and share with you a collection of twenty stories.

In this edition, you’ll find micro-works and longer epics, a mix of genres and styles and tones. We recommend you peruse at your leisure, and let yourself get lost in the magic of a talented writer’s words. We’ll be back again in July with our summer edition. In the meantime, happy reading!