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Defiant Scribe

Defiant Scribe is an online lit mag created for the 21st century. Started by this generation, for this generation, we hope to offer an updated take on the literary magazine with content that appeals to like-minded people—that is, defiant people who like real writing that takes risks, and explores heavy or taboo topics; writing that is diverse and inclusive, and always defiant, always unique.

The work we put forth are only quality stories we feel justly represent us, never anything less.

We prefer fiction that is BOLD, edgy, and sometimes experimental. Occasionally we’ll publish pieces which may involve a well-tread topic or storyline — vampires, for instance — but only if that story does something with it which has never been done before, thereby breathing new air into clichéd subject matter. One way or another, you can be confident you’ll find only original material here.

If you’re a writer whose work has been, or would be, rejected by mainstream publishers for being too “different,” if you refuse to compromise your writing for mass appeal, if you’re a reader who’s tired of the same-old-same-old, if you’re someone who is horrified that nearly every YA protagonist is some variation (or clone) of Bella Swan… this is the place for you.