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Defiant Scribe

Defiant Scribe was an online lit mag created for the 21st century. Started by this generation, for this generation, we offered an updated take on the literary magazine with content that appealed to like-minded people—that is, defiant people who appreciated writing that took risks and explored heavy or taboo topics; writing that was diverse and inclusive, and always defiant, always unique.

We preferred fiction that was BOLD, edgy, and sometimes experimental. Occasionally we’d publish pieces which involved a well-tread topic or storyline — vampires, for instance — but only if that story did something unexpected with it, thereby breathing new air into clichéd subject matter. We made sure our content was original and worthy of being called defiant.

In August of 2019, Defiant Scribe ended its run. We’re happy to report it was not due to a lack of interest or lack of funds, but rather because the people running it got very tired and very busy. (A bad case of editor burnout—you’ve probably heard of it.) We decided it was in everyone’s best interest to end the magazine on our terms, after 20 excellent editions and nearly 300 published pieces, so that our creative crew could take a well-deserved rest and then pursue new creative ventures. The good news: our website will remain online indefinitely, so you can continue to read our stories via our Edition Archives and Blog. (And, if you’d like to know more about the magazine’s ending, you can read our announcement post here, our acknowledgements here, and our final goodbye message here.)