Edition Archives

Welcome to our archives! These are all twenty editions that Defiant Scribe published during its initial run, from August 2016 to August 2019. We also published nonfiction content on our blog. For the two revival issues published in 2023, visit our other archive.

August 2019

Our final edition tells tales of endings and new beginnings.

June 2019

Come explore with us through these harrowing and heart-soaring stories of adventure.

April 2019

Historical fiction and other throwback stories comprise our Blast from the Past edition.

February 2019

Relatable tales of both the friends you love and the enemies you love to hate.

December 2018

Stories about family: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

October 2018

Dark and stormy stories that will put you in the Halloween spirit.

August 2018

From the red carpet to rock bottom, these stories explore the soaring highs and deep lows of fame.

June 2018

Blast into the future with these stories set during the decades ahead.

April 2018

Chilling tales of the paranormal and supernatural, including monsters that will haunt your dreams.

February 2018

Quirky, unconventional stories about love.

December 2017

Uplifting stories about hope and the resilience of the human spirit.

October 2017

Our second-annual Halloween issue is crammed with creepy, spooky, scary or just simply weird stories.

August 2017

In honor of Defiant Scribe’s birthday, here’s a look back at the best pieces from our first year.

June 2017

These stories about vanity and the fixation on beauty reflect an image of society that is not too pretty.

April 2017

Antihero stories for the inner villain in all of us.

February 2017

Stories about guilt and regret that are so good, they may just ease your conscience.

December 2016

A holiday-free, random mix of stories that pointedly avoid both a specific theme and the stresses of the season.

Winter Holidays 2016

Fun and festive stories that put a unique spin on the holiday season.

October 2016

Scary, creepy and eerie stories in honor of the Halloween season.

August 2016

For our first edition, we’ve included a variety of pieces that tell a multitude of different stories.