Child’s Play

Smoke Post #003

Just a Flash read for the Go


A murky micro moment with little Norman

But now he’s hungry. So Mommy feeds him. And she loves watching his appetite grow.



“What’re you doing?”

“Playing.” Norman smiled. He put food in the cage. “But Bunny hates me.”

“That’s silly, sweetie.”

“Well I told him I loved him but he just lays there and does nothing but eat. And ignores me.”

“Oh, love’s funny, honey. Animals are different, they show love differently from Us. So keep feeding him! But now it’s dinner time—hungry?”

“Not yet, Bunny’s not fat enough yet.”

“What?! Are you planning to… eat him?”

“That’s silly, Mommy, there’ll be plenty to share when he’s fully growzed.”

Oh God, Mommy thought. They grow up so fast. And smiled.