Fall Out!

“You hear that asshole: Hayaku, hayaku. What’s the big hurry? That rubble’s not going anywhere.”

“Just go along with the program, Lewis. Don’t get The Stork ruffled. You know how nasty he can get.”

“Come on, Serge, it’s my birthday. I should get the day off.”

“Shoulda, coulda, oughta, mighta… look around. This ain’t no should world.”

“I swear this is one August 6th I’ll never forget. Wait till I get out of here.”

“Right, but until you do, just play along.”

“Play along! I’ve been playing along since we got to Mukaishima.”

“It won’t be much longer. You heard them last night.”

“You kidding?  Sure beats countin’ sheep, I heard eighty of ‘em going over. “

“Keep your voice down. They’re really jumpy.”

“Serves ‘em right. About time they got the same shit they’ve been serving up.”

“I mean it, Lewis. Lower your voice. You saw what happened to Mattis.”

“Yeah, over a fuckin’ tin of rice, almost empty, too. I saw it first, but Mattis grabbed it before I could. Poor bastard.”

“I know, I know, but you heard the Major. Don’t go picking up as much as a dog turd out there or they’ll say you’re plundering.”

“Hanging Mattis from a lamp post, just like that. You believe it? Wait till I get out of here.”

“Yeah, yeah, until you do, quite making waves. Don’t start acting cocky. They know they’re losing, but don’t rub it in.”

“I’ll rub it in all right, just wait.”

“Dummy up. Here come the cattle cars. Fall in.”

“Where’d The Stork say we’re going, back to the docks?”

“Nope, we lucked out today… a factory that’s never been bombed.”

“Where the hell’s that?”

“Hey, Kerner, what’s that Jap city where we’re going?”

“What do you care? They’re all the same.”

“Lewis wants to know. It’s his birthday. Humor him. “

“Hiroshima. Happy birthday, Lewis.”