His Love Story Stinks

Smoke Post #001

Just a Flash read for the go


A mini scene of one young guy’s carnal days. But shallow ways won’t help you, they say. Because no true forever love is ever founded when it begins on a farce like hearts breaking wind.

So what now? he asked Dad after his only desire was thwarted. And killed. And died.

Certain loves stink sometimes, Son, he told him. Now… try again.

Just try.



“Again! Tell me everything.”

“Horrible, a ghastly sight. Love’s dead,” he said, “she was murdered tonight.”

He describes the victim. “We’d been fighting.” He says, “But by the cackling fire, music playing, her lips, hips, legs long and brazier bulbously busting, I thought I finally found true love.

“So I lunged- ravenous, swooning, thrusted like a heated lion- unaware, didn’t care for dangers coming. Then…

“Poof! She farted, the moment was murdered.”


“Yes, Father,” he groaned, “I left second thoughtlessly—like she died to me.”

“Funny, kid,” he whispered. “And absurd!” he reassured. “Women don’t do that.

“Try again.”