Summer 2023

Letter from the Editor

Summer: the season of sparkling sunshine glistening off verdant hills, the smell of pool chlorine and SPF, a well-deserved break from school aided by your icy-cold beverage of choice, beach blankets and ocean froth, and lazy, hazy days where the heat saps away your energy—but not to fear, because you can always find respite in a good story. And if good stories are what you’re seeking, you’ve come to the right place.

Our summer edition features ten unique, captivating works: tales of love and loss, life and death, humor and heartache. In this edition, you’ll find absurdist comedy and dark truths, stories that are realistic as well as stories that are surrealistic. There are quick, breezy reads in the form of flash fiction, and longer, luxurious pieces for when you’re ready to lose yourself in a narrative. Something for every mood and any summer day, whether it’s bright and beautiful or muggy and miserable.

We hope you have fun with these ten terrific tales, and that you’ll join us again in October when we release our next edition. For now, enjoy the rest of your summer and this assortment of ready-to-go reads, perfect to take wherever the season brings you.