Hope Was on the Other Line

Smoke Post #004

Just a Flash read for the Go


A concise call for help.

It’s another plea to Be;

it’s the time in one man’s life when he finally realizes,

“No one else is ever going to listen to me.”



Hope was on the Other Line.

Ring! Ring! Ring! Her eyes opened. Ring! Ring! Ring! Her hand fumbled for the phone. “Hello?” Head still buried into the pillow.

“Jessica—Simon. I’m calling to say goodbye.”

“Oh… sorry—”

“No! This isn’t your fault. But looking off the pier, at the moon, stars… even heaven too, I finally now know any happiness once had wasn’t from that Voice at all, but from you.”


“No!” he said. “I’m not worth saving, Jess. Because if no one’ll listen to me in life, then… I might as well be…”



“Wrong number.” She hung up. And fell back asleep.

He never dialed her again.