Overton Wakefield Jones is Bae

Am I the only one who realizes that Overton Wakefield Jones is total #baegoals?

Now I admit, I did not realize this while Living Single was on the air, but a few weeks ago I was able to binge-watch all five seasons, courtesy of Hulu. And might I say, Overton totally became my new MCM or even MCE!

Let me add that I often find myself falling in love randomly with actors, comedians and entertainers: Vince Vaughn, Deray Davis, Ty Dolla Sign, John Brotherton, Ed Quinn, Klarity and Kumail Nanjiani after watching The Big Sick… the list goes on. And now, John Henton, A.K.A. Overton, has made the list—mostly because of these traits:

Determined. From the beginning of his relationship with Synclaire, Overton had an immense amount of love and adoration for her. Obie wasn’t the type of guy who wanted to play the field or keep his options open, he knew exactly what he wanted—and that was Synclaire James. Do you understand just how freaking HOT this is? Like, he had no doubts, no reservations, no side hoes or anything. He didn’t play games and went after what he wanted, respectfully. Speaking of which…

Respectful. Do you remember how, after a whole year of dating, they still hadn’t had sex? Literally, how? I’m used to men telling me before they even know my name all the freaky things they want to do to me. Gross. Overton had so much respect for Synclaire and her body; he made no attempts to do anything before she was ready and that is something most of us would give our right arm to have.

Supportive. Did I mention that Overton basically supported any insane and crazy dream Synclaire wanted to pursue? Remember when she got a role in a play and but she had to be nekkid?? Of course, most men would not be interested in their woman being nude in front of anyone, but he was like girl, I’m supporting you either way this go! And that is SO POWERFUL. Having the support of the person you’re with is invaluable.

Trustworthy. Overton was totally trustworthy as well. It’s kind of sweet that he and Synclaire both have a level of naïveté. They are like oblivious to the world around them, though Overton is a bit more aware. Remember when his ex comes into town and they go to dinner and she kissed him?! And she was a SUPER BADDY too?! And he had to check her! I might know like six men who wouldn’t fall for it in the entire world. He had to kindly and yet assertively let her know he was spoken for.

Chivalrous. Overton was a borderline feminist, which is so cool and progressive from a character in a 90s sitcom who was from the south. But he still took every opportunity to be chivalrous towards his woman, if it meant holding open a door, putting his jacket on her, or giving up his seat for her. Not everyone appreciate this, but I sure do!

Romantic. When it was time for Overton to propose to Synclaire, he was mugged! He had taken her on a carriage ride, and ended up getting robbed at gunpoint. Do you know that Overton took the freaking horse and rode off to get the ring back so he could propose to his woman? SWWOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNN!!!

Some bonus points: he had a stupefying and splendid slang… his awe-worthy, astounding and anomalous alliteration. Plus, I loved the fact he was a hard-working handy man and knew how to fix everything—including any relationship issues!

Overton should be a fictional example of a real man we all wish to have in our own lives one day!